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Drill Machines

United Machinery & Tools Corporation

Salient Features:

1. The bearing system of the work spindle is capable of taking axial as well as Radial work loads of the machine to perform vertical boring jobs besides drilling.
2. The main gear box is well covered from dust and iron chips.
3. All gears in Drilling Head are pump lubricated and gears in elevating gear box are bath lubricated.
4. All gears are made from special alloy steel, heat-treated property and lapped.
5. All shafts are made from carbon alloy steel and runs on Ball Bearings which are easily available from any market for replacement.
6. The main Electric motor is coupled to main gear box by a shock absorbing coupling.
7. The Horizontal movement of the Drilling head is made by a screw so that it can be used as a keyway milling.

Note : In accordance with our continues improvements we reserve the right to change the design and specifications without any notice.

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